Use of mobile technologies in special education: A content analysis

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Iskender Volkan Sancar
Süleyman Burak Tozkoparan
Hatice Ferhan Odabasi


This study represents a content analysis of scientific articles on the use of mobile technologies in special education. Within this scope, 19 out of 51 articles that are published in journals indexed in Social Science Citation Index and/or Education Resources Information Center were selected in compliance with inclusion and exclusion criteria. The content analysis was performed on the basis of the year published, countries where the research conducted, number of citations, age or level of the sample, sample size, research method, type of disadvantaged group and the mobile technologies used. Findings show that a great majority of the studies focused on disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder, Down’s syndrome and intellectual disability. Most of the studies were conducted in the USA and focused on skill acquisiton/improvement. Further research on mobile technologies in special education is needed addressing K-12 or higher levels, for visual and hearing impaired individuals. As product design, usage or usability studies were scarce; product development-oriented studies are suggested.


Keywords: Special education, mobile technology, disabled children, content analysis, assistive technology.


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Sancar, I., Tozkoparan, S., & Odabasi, H. (2017). Use of mobile technologies in special education: A content analysis. Journal of Education and Special Education Technology, 3(1), 1-12.