The Effectiveness of Plastic Arts Education Weighted Creative Drama in The Education of Gifted / Talented Children

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Sezer Cihaner Keser
Pınar Erdem


It is the notion of creativity which is emphasized on educating the modern human in accordance with the requirements of the age. Art education is an effective field that supports and develops creativity with all its fields. The factor that makes one person, one society, one country more advanced than the others is the power of revealing a new product. One of the most effective areas that develop the underlying creativity is art education.


Art education provides a better expression and its contribution to other forms of expression and other disciplines cannot be denied. According to the needs of the age, one of the most important concepts in educating modern people is creativity.The main purpose of the fields of art, education and science is to serve human development and discover new things by using the concept of creativity.It is possible to say that mental skills, thoughts and intelligence may also be developed through interdisciplinary interaction while the emotions are being trained.


In this study, the Effectiveness of Creative Drama in the Education of Gifted / Talented Students for Plastic Arts Education was investigated. For this purpose, drama workshops with a focus on art education were performed with plastic and modern art references. Reactions of talentedstudents were observed during and after workshops. The findings obtained based on these observations were discussed, examined and interpreted.


Keywords: Art, Education, Ingenuity, Intelligence, Interdisciplinary


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