Can the storytelling strategy improve students story writing skills? An empirical study

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Fatma Mohammed Alkaaf


This follow-up study examines the sustainability and generalizability of the impact of the storytelling strategy which was implemented earlier with (Alkaaf & Al-Bulushi, 2017) grade 7 students. The sample of this study consisted of 30 students randomly selected as well as four teachers who participated in the experimental groups. The data used for this study were collected over the course of one semester via story writing skills test and teachers’ and students’ interviews. The results indicated that there were statistically significant differences between the mean scores of the students in the follow up test and the main data collection’s post test in favour of the follow up test. Statistically significant differences were also found between the mean score of male and female students in the follow up test in favour of females. The qualitative data showed that the four teachers still continue using the strategy in their written composition lessons hoping the Ministry to incorporate it within the teacher’s guide.


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