Improving educational process quality in the lessons of natural and mathematical cycle by means of stem-training

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Svetlana D. Chernyavskikh
Maxim A. Velichko
Irina B. Kostina
Yulia P. Gladkikh
Lyudmila V. Krasovskaya
Olga N. Satler


Currently, significant changes that actively take place in modern Russian society affect all spheres of its development. Today, due to economic globalization and high rates of innovative technologies development special attention is paid to the education system, where profound changes occur.

Today, the educational process is focused on the development of personal characteristics that meet the requirements of a modern educated person. In this regard, the task of educational institutions is to adapt the educational process to today's realities. Modern school is based on the principles of effective ways of professional and personal qualities development. To achieve this goal, special attention should be paid to the need for renewal and natural science education. One of the directions of innovative activity at the lessons of natural-mathematical cycle of secondary education is STEM education. It helps children to delve into the logic of the events, understand their relationships, systematically explore the world and thereby generate curiosity, engineering style of thinking, the ability to get out of critical situations, to develop teamwork skills and learn the basics of management and self-presentation, which, in turn, provides a fundamentally new level of personal development.

Key words: science education, STEM education, innovation, technology, robotics, microcontrollers, sensors, programming.


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