Designing interaction models that meet user expectations towards new technologies

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Deniz Yesim Talug


Currently, technology is an interesting and expanding field for social and consumer research. Conversely, standard consumer researches, academic marketing studies, economics or sociology fall short of representing theories and perspectives that ties technology and human needs. New technological opportunities not only create changes in appearance and functionalities of products but it also creates change on user expectations and behaviors, which is mainly emotionally driven. Needs and emotions lead people to make judgments about what they would prefer to keep around themselves. This characteristic of human beings forces them to choose among variants and to involve in the design process. Selecting among variants means designing of the environment. In the study of design, the idea of consumer participation offered new horizons to design.


This paper focuses on new perspectives to combine technology and human beings and aims to provide theoretical contribution and strategic information to the designers, progresses through a discussion of the conceptual framework with a review of the relevant literature. Initial attempt involves investigating user experiences created and shaped through technology and how to deliberately design those.


Keywords: Emotions and Design; User Experience; Product Experience; Technology.



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Talug, D. (2018). Designing interaction models that meet user expectations towards new technologies. Global Journal of Arts Education, 8(2), 46-53.