Design thinking…inspiring innovation, transforming humanity

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Pooja Jain


Design thinking was initiated by people with specialised skills achieved over consistent learning of many decades just to meet the human needs with all available technical resources of design. Designers have been able to bring out the products we consume and possess today in reality merely by integrating the human desire with feasible technology and economically viable. In the contemporary modern world, design thinking completely relies upon a human’s ability of being intuitive, to evolve innovative ideas having an emotional meaning, to recognise ever-changing trends and patterns and lastly to express ourselves in media beyond any boundaries of words or symbols. The design education has long been in its role in imparting a holistic mindset and encouraging creative, artistic skills. Thus, if design makes a transition to become a driver of cultural
innovations, a new face of society will emerge putting itself as a humanistic catalyst of technology and social sustainability.
Keywords: Design, humanity, innovation, social sustainability, technology.


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