Study and identification of short-circuit currents at the Complex Distribution Network SIDER-EL Hadjar (ex ArceloMittal-Algerie)

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Benhamida Hakim
Mesbah Tarek


Because of an upcoming the modernization of the electricity distribution network in the SIDER EL-HADJAR steel complex, a new calculation of the short-circuit current must be taken into account. The objectives pursued in this article, is to determine the precise values of the currents of maximum and minimum fault by each start 225kV, 63kV and 15kV of the distribution network to ensure the reliability of the existing system, on the other hand is to validate the sizing of the 63kV bus bar follows the increase of the load of the transformer station P4 by replacing the 70MVA transformer with a 120MVA transformer and comparing the results to the old computation. The calculation of short-circuit currents is a key step in qualifying the equipment to withstand the thermal and electromagnetic effects. So it was question of appreciating the reliability of numerical computation of the currents of short-circuits which requires modeling and simulations with software NEPLAN V5.


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