Basic elements and characteristics of game engine

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Ramiz Salama
Mohamed ElSayed


Contemporary game engines are invaluable tools for game development. There are many engines available, each of them which excel in certain features. Game Engines is a continuous series that helps us to make and design beautiful games in the simplest and least resource way. Game drives support a wide variety of play platforms that can translate the game into a game that can be played on different platforms such as PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Android, IOS, Nintendo and others. There is a wide range of game engines that suit every programmer and designed to work on Unity Game Engine, Unreal Game Engine and Construct Game Engine. In the research paper, we discuss the basic elements of the game engine and how to make the most useful option among Game Engines depending on your different needs and needs of your game.

Keywords: Game engine, game engine element, basics of game engine.


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