Developing java design patterns modeller with object-oriented programming

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Egemen Tekkanat
Murat Topaloglu


Planning is a very important stage for developing software. A number of systems have been developed for the planning stage, which is a must for software development. Object-oriented programming plays the most important part technically in those systems. Using object-based programming effectively minimises the time and money spent in terms of software development processes. One of the best ways for this is to use design patterns that are also known as modules or program segments consisting of more than one classes and supporting code reuse in order to solve the problems recurring during the development of the software. The aim of this study is to develop a design patterns modeller to be used in Java programming language to make the software development a planned, secure and upgradable process while shortening the time spent and reducing the costs via good planning.

Keywords: Java, object-oriented, design patterns, modelling.


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Tekkanat, E., & Topaloglu, M. (2018). Developing java design patterns modeller with object-oriented programming. Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research, 8(3), 132-135.