Application for sentiment and demographic analysis processes on social media

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Harun Ozkisi
Murat Topaloglu


Consumers used to make their complaints via phone and mail before the concept of social media was developed. Now, consumers have begun to state their wishes and complaints concerning companies using social media, and the firms’ adaptation to social media has been increased. Understanding the negative and positive attitudes of customers towards ads and questions has gained utmost importance for the companies’ decisions to be made for the future. Today, companies are able to continue their existence in the modern world’s competitive environment by adjusting their advertising and marketing strategies and calculating their budgets to social media analyses they get. In addition, companies depend on those analyses in order to determine their positions in the market and create their action plans. In this study, instant messages sent on social media and demographic information were used in the data analysis in order to determine whether those messages included positive or negative attitudes.

Keywords: Social media, emotion analysis, data mining, natural language processing.


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Ozkisi, H., & Topaloglu, M. (2018). Application for sentiment and demographic analysis processes on social media. Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research, 8(3), 143-148.