The practice and guidance and counseling in Amhara region Ethiopia.

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Alebachew Mohammed Legas
Antehun Atanaw Mengistu


The Practice of guidance and counseling service in Amhara region public university’s Ethiopia.

Alebachew Mohammed1  and Antehun Atanaw2  

1Department of psychology, Debere Tabor university   E-mail,                                      

2Department of English language and literature, Debere Tabor university    E-mail,


Supporting students through their academic and social development are central mission of any university. This study aimed to assess the practice of guidance and counseling service in Amhara region public universities. The study was conducted on Bahir Dar university, Wollo university and Debre Tabor university. Through using sample size determination formula 576 regular students by stratified random sampling and 4 counselors using comprehensive sampling techniques were selected. The data was gathered through observation, interview and questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed qualitatively through narration of words and descriptive statistics of frequency and percentage. The finding indicates all counselors except Debre Tabor university don’t have female counselors as well all are first degree. Furthermore, the average the ratio of one counselor is 5-10,000 students. Regarding the awareness, majority of student 69%-77.1% of student don’t know the office location of the counselor. Approximately 1% of Bahir Dar university, 3% of Debere Tabor university, 4% of Wollo university students were reported using the service. Among this 28(50.9%) of student evaluated the service as not helpful. Regarding the referral of student by academic staffs (Instructors, departments and Faculty’s) to counselor found poor. Furthermore, counselors are not formally delegated to attend issues that concern students like Forum, discipline and HIV etc. which might be helpful for the intervention. All university use Regular government working time and no night, weekend, telephone counseling service. Student consult their problems mainly to their friends, mothers and religious father. Teachers and counselors are among the least possible source of advisee. In conclusion, the general service provision of guidance and counseling were found poor and given less attention by universities. Thus, ministry of education and the university officials should give due attention by restructuring the office and allocation of resource and experts.   

Key word; guidance and counseling, student, counselor, personal and social problems




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