Study upon the Postgraduate Dissertations the Subject of which are Family Involvement in Pre-School Education in Turkey

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Nur Demirbaş Çelik
Aycem Birand


Planning and implementation of services which shall make the family a part of the process in the construction of pre-school education services which were provided during early childhood that is one of the most critical periods of life are highly important in terms of child’s healthy development. Within this frame, study upon the dissertations about family involvement and family education in pre-school has become necessary. For this purpose, “family involvement” and “family education” indexes in the departments of Pre-school Education, Pre-School Teaching, Child Development and Education; and Primary School which have been carried out in the Institute of Educational Sciences and Institute of Social Sciences at Council of Higher Education Dissertation Centre have been scanned. As a result of this scan, 35 postgraduate dissertations have been found out. These dissertations have been analyzed by content analysis. This content analysis has been carried out according to specific criteria. These criteria include the year in which the dissertation was made; the level, paradigm, research design, target group, group size, data collection tools and the subject of the dissertation. The data obtained from the dissertations which were examined with content analysis were analyzed. 27 of these dissertations are postgraduate dissertations and 8 of them are doctoral dissertations. One of the remarkable findings of the research is that the percentage of the dissertations upon “investigation of the opinions” is 37%. The findings of the research have been discussed within the frame of literature and recommendations have been made for pre-school teachers.


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