Mobile learning stimulus in Nigeria

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Mohammed B. Yakubu
Abba Hassan
Aminu Ahmad
Kabiru I. Musa
A. Y. Gital


Nowadays, the application or acceptance of mobile learning in teaching and conducting research and other academic activities have been successful in developed and some developing countries of the world and have proven to be more efficient than the customary learning systems. Most of students and academia in these developed nations have embraced mobile technology because of its simplicity, flexibility and also provide opportunity for students and academia to collaborate with one another irrespective of their geographical location for research purposes. Few literatures suggest that the level of technology acceptance in the country is still very low compared to other parts of European and some Asian countries. However, findings of the quantitative analysis and collected works have also shown that students and academia hesitant to embrace mobile computing technology is one of the most significant factors that affect the level of mobile learning in most African countries.

Keywords: Mobile learning, digital natives, autodidact, e-learning.


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Yakubu, M., Hassan, A., Ahmad, A., Musa, K., & Gital, A. (2018). Mobile learning stimulus in Nigeria. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 8(3), 95-101.