Using the Big Data in the human resources management systems

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Goker Oge
Murat Topaloglu


Measures like setting a destination, evaluation of performances, planning of the labour force about business, personnel recruitment, charging of personnel, informations about personnel, analytical of labour force and reporting, etc., are considered as vital problems of the human resources management. In this study, these criteria in a variety of data were collected with a large repository Apache Hadoop Distributed File System file system owned. Data entry and analysis were used Apache Pig and Java programming languages. The aim of the study is to help ‘the owners of business’ evaluate the abundance of data and to get rid of the management complexity via an application which is the biggest problem of management system in human resources.

Keywords: Big Data, management of human resources, Hadoop, Pig, map-reduce


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Oge, G., & Topaloglu, M. (2018). Using the Big Data in the human resources management systems. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 8(3), 129-133.