Education in the values of a social and solidarity-based economy for improving the conditions and the capabilities of women miners in Colombia

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Asier Arcos Alonso
Ander Arcos-Alonso
Ettore Papa
María José Alonso-Olea


The -SSE- tries to build complex relations of production, consumption, distribution and financing based on justice, cooperation, reciprocity and mutual help, In this study an ESS educational model for the development of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASSM) that incorporates women in Colombia is proposed. The ASSM is the mining subsector where the situation of women is more precarious. a subsistence economy and are in serious situations of inequality. Promoting and educating for a social and solidarity ASSM with a strong gender focus could break down obstacles, stereotypes and build more equitable gender relations. An intersectional and differential approach complements the necessary analysis to address this problem and proposes local built models, that are flexible, participatory and liberating, where the economic, cultural and social causes of women´s labour are tackled with



Keywords: Social economy, Solidarity economy, education in values, women mining;


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