Integrating Digital Tools for Teaching of Writing Expression in Turkish Language

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Mehmet Ali Eroglu


Web 2 is one of the most important tools among the internet users. At this paper, it is given the answer to question “how can it be integrate social web tools into education?”It’s focused on written expression of Turkish teaching for adults. It will be explained a process of implementation for a semester period. Students are selected from different profession departments. Each week has focusing a different subject. There are two hours regular, a few practical lectures.  It’s given brief information what and how they use tools in class. Most of the students are aware of selected tools which is integrated into teaching subjects but they do not know how they use. It has been asked to use integrated applications as voluntary by students. A few students are refused to use some tools from different reasons. Some other students try at first time. 10 voluntary assistant has been appointed from among them to help others. They support friends about using integrated app. and collaborate with the instructor on evaluation.

At this research period show us that how can be new generation students adopt into written integrated teaching system. Privacy setting is offered students as follows:

  1. To share their writing  expression as a public
  2. To share their writing  expression as inside the friends
  3. To share their writing  expression as assistants and instructor for evaluation
  4. To share their comment and likes about friends’ writing  expression
  5. To share their opinion in class but it is too limited because of not enough time.

Teaching writing expression’s aim is that, it is able to express students’ ideas clearly. Students get knowledge progress from, not only teacher but also their friends and others. Integrated teaching methods with tools is not only in class but also where students are moodle lms


Keywords: Turkish Language; Writing Expression; Motivation; Learning Strategies; Self-Regulation.



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Mehmet Ali Eroglu, Marmara University

Turkish Education Department 



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