Grades as valid evaluation tool of academic formation

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Gheorghe Vuc
Dan Jigoria-Oprea
Felicia Baloi


Before you see the faculty graduate formation, you can see its grades. Since grades are used for selection, they are very important instruments and can have serious consequences for students. Consequently, the validity of grades is an important aspect to consider, and questions concerning the functions of grades can certainly be viewed from a validity perspective. Therefore, arises a question of whether the grades indeed reflect graduated student training and especially its ability to succeed against technical problems that will be posed in front of by his professional life. Analyses carried out in several brainstorming and brainwriting sessions with students belonging to the first percentiles of their series showed that they realise the inefficiency of grades they receive. The main recommendation is to make the grading in relation to an absolutebenchmark (obviously regularly adapted to technological and society developments) in the view of a correct formation for students.

Keywords: Academic grading, questionnaire, job interview


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Vuc, G., Jigoria-Oprea, D., & Baloi, F. (2018). Grades as valid evaluation tool of academic formation. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 10(4), 342-349.