Lebanese secondary physics teachers’ attitudes towards the use of ICT

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Fouad Mounier Yehya
Aziz M. Barbar
Suzanne Abou-Rjeily


Information and communication technology (ICT) is increasingly widespread, influencing educational systems worldwide. ICT educational tools can be a transformative tool that may facilitate meaningful learning in physics courses if educators are willing to embrace it with a positive attitude. The attitude of physics teachers has a tremendous effect on ICT integration in physics classrooms. This research paper is aimed to examine the attitudes towards the use of ICTs among Lebanese secondary physics teachers. A sample of 141 secondary physics teachers was assessed for their ICTs’ attitude using a Likert type questionnaire. The questionnaire focused on the teachers’ affect towards ICT, aware of usefulness and their confidence to use ICT. The results of both descriptive and inferential statistics showed a positive attitude towards ICT andno gender, years of experience or age differences among physics teachers’ attitudes. Implications for teacher training and suggestions for further research are provided.
Keywords: Information and communication technology (ICT), ICT implementation, ICT attitude, Lebanese secondary physics teachers


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Yehya, F., Barbar, A., & Abou-Rjeily, S. (2019). Lebanese secondary physics teachers’ attitudes towards the use of ICT. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 11(1), 8-27. https://doi.org/10.18844/ijlt.v11i1.3891