Perceptions of lecturers on grammar with regard to the four skills teaching

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Fatih Yavuz
Kubra Sik


With the rise of communicative approaches in modern educational systems, grammar teaching has started to be a controversial issue among researchers. Whether formal instruction of grammar is essential for learners to attain high levels of accuracy in the language learning process still remains as a subject to debate. Therefore, this paper focuses on the perceptions of in-service lecturers about grammar teaching, specifically about the effectiveness of grammatical accuracy on writing and speaking activities. Data were collected using a questionnaire which is adapted from Jean and Simard [Foreign Language Annals, 44(3), 2011] targeted the lecturers’ beliefs and perceptions about the effectiveness of formal grammar instruction. This study result reveals that for lecturers, formal instruction of grammar is inevitable to attain a high proficiency level in writing activities. For speaking activities, however, lecturers do not think that grammar is an essential part of the language learning process.

Keywords: Grammar teaching, writing, speaking, perceptions of lecturers.


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Yavuz, F., & Sik, K. (2018). Perceptions of lecturers on grammar with regard to the four skills teaching. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 10(4), 307-311.