Language learning through drama

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Nuriye Değirmenci Uysal
Fatih Yavuz


This study presents a review of the literature regarding the impact of drama on dimensions of second/ foreign language learning. The paper first discusses the importance of integrating drama into the second/ foreign language learning process and the role of teachers and students in the learning process. Then, after introducing the pedagogical and linguistic aspects of using drama techniques in the language classroom in a broader perspective, it focuses on the drama-oriented verbal and nonverbal exercises. Next, the paper reviews the studies on the language learning through drama, and concludes that using drama in language teaching would facilitate emotional and social development in addition to language development of students while it points out that the number of studies on the issue is limited.

 Keywords: Grammar instruction, teachers’ attitude towards grammar, foreign language teaching


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Değirmenci Uysal, N., & Yavuz, F. (2018). Language learning through drama. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 10(4), 376-380.