The success of learning organisation: Values contextualisation dimension

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Biruta Svagzdiene
Edmundas Jasinskas
Arturas Simanavicius
Juris Grants
Zarmena Vazne


This article is intended to analyse the values and is based on the problematic issues: What are the educational factors that influence the formation of values in modern organizations? What is education of value dependency on the educational, social and environmental factors? How users of the service perceived values? In order to respond to the problematic issues it is raised an assumption that in organization of service use, values contextualisation aspect is very important. Value system is characterized not only by common characteristics, but also by individuals. The canter of all values is human-being. Making sense of values durability, resistance to time, the necessity of continuity, it is recommended this ideal system, where universal, eternal values are on the top. Values of these days for future generations may seem strange and without meaning, but to live without values is impossible. The importance of personal and social values indicate individual each person norm, which consists of its principles, needs and ideals. Values education is an integral part of each learning organization that promotes human development.

Keywords:values,modern learning organization competitive ognanization, healthy lifestyle.


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Svagzdiene, B., Jasinskas, E., Simanavicius, A., Grants, J., & Vazne, Z. (2018). The success of learning organisation: Values contextualisation dimension. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 10(4), 381-388.