State modification and market mechanism for agroindustrial complex management in the region

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Daniyar Kaldiyarov
Daniya Nurmukhankyzy
Assel Bedelbaeva
Sanzhar Kaldiyarov
Olesya Lemechshenko
Ainur Baltabayeva


The article is devoted to development of approaches and practical recommendations on issues of state regulation and state support of agro-industrial complex economic entities as a factor of stimulating economic growth of industry as a whole. Having  based on the study of development trends of agroindustrial complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan and its state regulation, we assessed effectiveness of implementing target programs, identified causes and constraints, which include imperfect legislative, theoretical and methodological elaboration of mechanisms for their implementation, inconsistency between organizational-level program developments and processes of their implementation.

Keywords: state regulation, agricultural sector, agroindustrial complex (AIC), agriculture, agricultural products, agricultural policy, food security.


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