New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences is a multi-dimensional journal which covers all aspects of scientific and technical disciplines including pure and applied sciences, health, environmental and material sciences, applied natural sciences including physics, chemistry and biology, application of scientific inventions for medical purposes, advances in technology, computer science and communication technology. This journal serves as a platform that fosters new applications for all scientists engaged in research and development in these fast growing fields in an international arena.

Issue 7 (2015): 2nd World Conference on Health Sciences (H-SCI 2015)

Issue 6 (2015): Global Conference on Materials Sciences (GC-MAS-2014)

Vol 5 (2015): Issue 5 (2015): 2nd Global Conference on Energy, Soil, Water, Air and Environment (ESWAE-2014)

No 9 (2017): Selected Papers of 3rd Global Conference on Material Sciences (GCMAS-2017)

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