A review on top-down and bottom-up approach for air pollution studies

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Francis Olawale Abulude Moez Bahloul Smart Olubayode Ebenezer Alaba Adeoya


It is a well-known fa ct that pollution is a global problem and mus t be holis ticall y ta ckled. In doing this, a dequa te knowledge of the sources of pollution is i mporta nt; therefore, the ai m of this paper is to review source a pportionment wi th reference to top-down and bottom-up methods . In this paper, dispersion modelling, emissions inventory and sa mpling methods are dis cussed. Also, anal yti cal methods invol ved in top -down source apportionment a re mentioned. The two techniques are needed to evalua te pollutants and their sources . Based on these two approa ches , pollution control s tra tegy is developed and decisions can be made on deci ding the ri ght approach to sol ve or reduce the pollution problems .


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