Characteristics of instructional videos

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mobina Behehsti Ata Taspolat Omer Sami Kaya Hamza Fatih Sapanca


Nowadays, video plays a significant role in education in terms of its integration into traditional classes, and is the principal delivery system of information in classes particularly in online courses as well as serving as a foundation for many blended classes. Hence, education is adopting a modern approach of instruction with the target of moving away from the traditional instructional approach to video-based learning (VBL). VBL is a powerful approach used in education in order to enhance learning results as well as the learners’ satisfaction. The aim of this study is to explain advantages, disadvantages and design tips of instructional videos according to new trends in education. This paper would be useful for anyone interested in designing, preparing and implementing instructional videos.
Keywords: Video-based learning, technology boosted education, VBL pros and cons, review of study, instructional video.


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