Developing a haptic glove for basic piano education

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Ferhat Kadir Pala
Pınar Mıhcı Türker


This study aims at developing a glove with integrated haptic interface to facilitate the learning of those who have just started playing piano and allowing them to perform without a need for a piano during daily activities. The steps of the analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation model were used in the research. In the analysis stage, students’ needs were analysed and problems were determined. At the design stage, practices oriented to resolving these problems were analysed and it was decided that haptic gloves might be appropriate for the solution to the problems revealed. At the development stage, evaluations were made directed to development of the product and formatting. The participants used the haptic glove for a while and have expressed their opinions, which are recorded by video camera. The recordings were analysed and it was found that the second version of the haptic glove increased the participants’ recall level of the music.
Keywords: Music education, haptic glove, piano education, passive haptic learning.


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Pala, F., & Türker, P. (2019). Developing a haptic glove for basic piano education. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 11(1), 38-47.