The usage of social network services in school management and their effects

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Levent Cetinkaya


This study, which aims to find out the positive and negative aspects of the usage of social networking services in the management of schools, was designed as a qualitative research. Open-ended questionnaire and semi-structured interview forms were used together with multiple data collection techniques in this study. It was found that some of the schools used the Facebook account as social network service in the past, and then they deactivated their accounts. On the other hand, it was noted that all school principals used WhatsApp application for communication with other administrators and teachers of their schools. The findings of this study revealed that the school principals’ following positive views such as eliminating the time and space constraints in communication, being fast and safe, being useful in sharing school resources and materials, being easy to manage and being effective in moving the school culture out of the school.
Keywords: School management, school culture, technology aided communication, social network services, interaction


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Cetinkaya, L. (2019). The usage of social network services in school management and their effects. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 11(1), 116-127.