Social relations in virtual world and social media aggression

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Levent Eraslan
Ahmet Kukuoğlu


Living in the age of constant technology developments shifted social communication patterns and shifted social relations to virtual environments. The socialisation process that takes place in digital platforms also transferred many negative elements experienced in social life to the virtual environment. That is, the aggression behaviours concerning these negative processes have also been transferred to the virtual communication. The current study examines the effects of social media aggression (SMA) regarding digital platforms on the social relations in human life in the context of various variables. Results of the study revealed that the counter-comments towards participants’ values have a significant effect on participants’ demonstration of aggressive tendencies. In other notable finding participants reported that they aware of their rights f=75 (33%) against negative SMA, while f=150 (67%) of participants do not know them.

 Keywords: Virtual communication, social media, aggression.


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Eraslan, L., & Kukuoğlu, A. (2019). Social relations in virtual world and social media aggression. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 11(2), 140-149.